Our team

Our team:

 Mircea Victor Voiteanu

Position: Lead iPaaS Consultant

E-mail: mircea@easydataintegration.net

Alin Constantin Filimon

Position: iPaaS Consultant

About: I enjoy coming to work by bike, it sure beats the Bucharest traffic!

On the professional side, I consider my strong point as being able to adapt to any working environment while working efficiently even in stressful situations. I am passionate about the Agile management frameworks, especially Scrum and developing integration processes using Dell Boomi. Furthermore, I engage in a large variety of projects with multicultural teams and I always enjoy new professional challenges.

E-mail: alin@easydataintegration.net

Cristian Buciuman

Position: DevOps Engineer

About: Ready to answer client’s needs in Romanian, English and Italian.

E-mail: cristian@easydataintegration.net

Mihai Stoica

Position: DevOps Engineer

About: The word I’d use to describe myself would be ‘a paradox’.
Even tough I spend a lot of time at the office, in front of a PC, I love nature and enjoy spending all my free time outdoors.
I am generally passionate about IT, being familiar with WebSphere Application Server, MQ and Message Broker.
Unix is my preferred operating system and one of my innocent pleasures is creating bash scripts in order to make my life much more simple with just a little bit of code.

E-mail: mihai@easydataintegration.net

Cristian Baciu

Position: iPaaS Consultant

About: I am a developer here at Easy Data Integration, and I spend most of my time developing IBM Message Broker applications. I am fond of exciting technologies, like IBM’s Bluemix platform, especially the Watson services. In my free time, I play videogames and listen to exciting new subgenres of music.In that respect, I like rock and metal and I spend my free time hunting concerts where local bands attend.

E-mail: cristi@easydataintegration.net