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Cloud Data Integration Service Integrate all your data on the cloud and on-premise with our powerful and easy to use data integration service. Select from tens of build-in most common data integration scenarios such as export, import, data replication, backup and many others. Let us host and manage Integrator for you or install it on your own hardware and have a full control. Manage your own data integration workflow using simple drag and drop interface or let us create it for you.


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We are a young and motivated team, always on the look-out for new talent.

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Excellent customer references, dedication to excellence, always available to our customers. Today, we’re the founders of a successful Easy Data Integration, and our live consists on doing all that we can to grow our company as fast as possible. Before 2000 we were a group of marketers, engineers, and designers with a dream, but today, we’re a group of entrepreneurs with a business that was born from a fantastic idea. In order to create a scalable business, we closely observe our potential clientele through various sources in order to discover what they want from our product. Then, we carefully record and analyze this information and use it to tweak and cater our offerings. By providing our clients with exactly what they need, we’re betting on becoming the next great IT Startup.